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How to Fix a Garage Door

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

The doors to your garage are some of the most integral parts of a house. They hold an important role in your home by keeping trespassers away and your family members safe. As they are constantly being used, they do get run down after some time of usage. So if you find it a bit difficult to maneuver your garage door, here are some easy tips on what to do:How to Fix a Garage Door

Quick Fixes

During cold weather, ice might get lodged between the ground and the bottom seal. You can use a hair dryer to melt the ice or use something flat and hard like a shovel to chip off the ice. If the problem of the door would be some squeaking, take a look at the garage door springs. They might be rusty, causing the noise. You can try placing lubricant on the springs to lessen the noise.

If the smaller parts are still intact and working well, try to check other door parts like the garage door panel or even the glass. Make sure that the glass panels of the doors are complete and not broken. If you notice any broken part, make sure to change it immediately as this will compromise the safety of your home.

Experts at garage door repair Oldsmar recommend thatit is best for professionals to handle issues like garage door broken spring or garage door cable snap. Why? Because all those horror stories about accidents related to these garage door parts are true. It’s just not right to risk your own safety over menial benefits of doing things yourself.You may contact us to know more about these issues.

Always remember that dirty or noisy parts might be remedied with a bit of oiling. However, serious problems like broken springs and cables should be dealt with by professionals. If you notice faulty, missing or broken parts, do not waste time and address the issue right away.

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