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Proper maintenance minimizes the risk of garage door problems, but doesn’t eliminate it. If you notice any bothering symptoms, you must act quickly. Get familiar with common problems and their solutions.Garage Door Repair Services

Torsion Spring Replacement

A broken spring has to be replaced right away. The key thing is not to use the door in the meantime. It will be extremely hard to lift even manually and the risk of it collapsing is considerable. Damaged and deformed springs require timely replacement as well. The work involves removing the old component, mounting the new one over the shaft and winding it to counterbalance the door. The new spring should have a cycle life of at least 10,000 cycles.

Chain Drive Opener Fix

The door hits the floor and then reverses? The opener’s travel limits and force will require adjustment. The device is noisier than usual? The chain requires lubrication with lithium-based spray. When the motor doesn’t start with the remote, it is best to try the other controls first. If they don’t work either, the motor has to be checked. Sometimes it can be repaired, but when it has failed, it has to be changed. If the motor works fine, but the door doesn’t move, the trolley is most likely broken and needs to be replaced right away.  

Solution for Snapped Cable

When the cable is broken, it is easy to see the top part hanging. The door may be uneven. In some cases, it may have gone off track. Disconnect the opener and do not use the door until the broken cable is replaced. The new cable should have the same size and attachment as the old one.

Rusty Bottom Panel Repair

What is the cause of the problem? The list of possibilities includes lack of painting or repainting with exterior grade paint, use of damaging cleaner and missing or worn bottom panel. The solution involves using rust remover and possibly steel wool for getting down to the base metal. Paint and a new bottom seal should help to protect the panel. If corrosion is found, the best solution will be panel replacement.

If you need professional garage door repair services, count on our company. Our technicians fix and replace springs, panels and motors. We work with all door and opener brands. Rely on us, at Garage Door Repair in Oldsmar, for emergency assistance when necessary. To use our services, call us or leave a note.

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