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Garage Door Openers

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Designed to offer convenience, automatic operation, easy access to the garage and increased security, garage door openers are complex devices often mounted on the ceiling. With a motor transferring electric power to the other parts, the door moves with the press of a button. Openers are also battery operated, integrate safety sensors, and the most common residential ones work with a trolley system which has a chain, belt or screw drive according to its type. Openers are significant parts of each garage door because their good operation also ensures safety. For this reason, they require regular maintenance.Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Motors

Installed in the opener control box, motors are the most important component. They are connected to electric power and the safety sensors, and make sure the door moves automatically (meaning without you having to lift it). Power is transferred to a guide which can be a chain, belt or screw drive, and passed on to the trolley and the door arm. Let's consider the three options.

The first one is the chain drive motors. These ones are ideal for heavy doors because they are the most durable. The chain works its way around gears and transfers power to the trolley. The only downside with this option is that it can make a lot of noise.

The second option is the belt drive. This one resembles the chain drive with the difference that it makes no noise due to the fact that it has no metal parts but a rubber. It's the most expensive choice.

The third and last option is the screw drive. This one uses a metal rod to move the door and consists of fewer parts. It makes average noise and is ideal for average home garage doors.

Safety Sensors Maintenance Oldsmar

Mounted at the two lower sides of the entrance, the safety sensors help people avoid accidents. They have photo eyes and one of them directs an infrared beam toward the other. If it's interrupted, the door should stop and reverse. This won't happen if the lenses of the sensors are dirty or one of the devices faces the other way. With proper opener sensors maintenance, such things are avoided and so are accidents. The sensors must be checked, tested, cleaned and aligned. Their wires should be connected to the motor and replaced if they are damaged.

Garage Door Opener Repair in Oldsmar

Common opener issues are motor failure, ruined wires, damaged gears, chain off the sprocket, sensors misalignment and many more. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Oldsmar can fix any issue. With frequent inspections, lubrication and maintenance, openers last long and offer the expected safety and security. If the reverse system fails to work right, the door might not close down or your safety might be at stake. In such cases, one of our professionals takes care of the problem as fast as possible. Broken and extensively damaged parts are replaced.

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